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If you want to make an appointment with me, I ask you to consider a few small things. Things that make me feel more secure and feel good.


When making an appointment, please take into account the travel time. My home base is Antwerp. Please book at least 2 hours in advance. For an escort appointment at a longer distance, the minimum booking time is 2 hours.


Hygiëne is very important to me. Both your personal hygiëne and the hygiëne of the room in which we meet. Therefore, I expect you to be hygienic. And to have taken a shower beforehand. It is important to me that you, like me, are intimately shaved or trimmed. I also want the room in which we meet to be clean and tidy. A room full of rubbish irritates me immensely. Lack of hygiëne on your part or in the room where we meet can be a reason to cancel our appointment. Please bear this in mind.


My prices are not negotiable. Attempts to negotiate are not appreciated by me. And may also lead to the termination of our contact.


Check my booking page for all contact options. Please know that I will handle all your communications and data with care and discretion. I expect the same from you. A booking is only final for me when I have received a completed booking form from you and it has been confirmed by me to you. You can find the booking form on the booking page.

Be well prepared

Before you make a booking, please read my website carefully. All information about me, clear pictures and videos of myself, the services I offer, my rates and do's & dont's are clearly described. Please read these carefully. It irritates me to have to give information that has already been clearly communicated. I like to deal with people who know what they want and are not wasting my precious time.


Noa Aliya High Class Companion

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